Wednesday, May 8, 1985


Occupied Palestine/Israel: New campus at Bir Zeit U. reopened (closed 3/8 after IDF raid) [NYT 5/9]. Knesset no-confidence motion based upon allegations that Min. Ezer Weizman leaked secret information to US sources during Carter administration fails [JP 5/9]. Gush Emunim settlers erect tent settlement of Hadar Beitar near Palestinian village of Hussan [JP 5/10]. Palestinian students at Haifa U. protest 3/6 disciplinary action against colleagues [JP 5/90].

Arab World: Chmn. Arafat states he and King Hussein agreed on composition of joint Palestinian-Jordanian delegation [BG 5/9]. In Tunis, PLO spokesman Ahmad 'Abd al-Rahman, PLO Pol. Dept. Head Faruq al-Qaddumi, Fateh Second-in-Command Salah Khalaf (Abu lyad) indicate only PLO Central Committee members may participate in joint Palestinian-Jordanian delegation's talks with US officials [NYT, CSM 5/9]. 5 leaders of Palestine National Salvation Front, incl. Sec. Gen. Ahmad Yamani (Abu Mahir), meet with Lebanese PM Rashid Karami, Nabih Berri concerning bringing 13 Palestinian camps in Lebanon under PNSF control; are informed Palestinians cannot use S. Lebanon for rocket attacks against Israel [NYT, LT 5/9].

Military Action

Arab World: Off Lebanese coast near Tyre IDF gunboat sinks rubber dinghy carrying 5 Palestinian fighters [PI, NYT 5/9]. RPG wounds IDF soldier in Kantara, S. Lebanon [JP 5/9].