Sunday, January 20, 1985


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Proposed state budget denominated in US dollars instead of shekels for 1st time [JP 1/21]. 1 Lebanese, 5 Galilee Palestinians convicted on terrorist charges in Haifa; group arrested in August 1983 on charges of plotting to blow up Shalom Tower in Tel Aviv as agents of PFLP-GC [JP 1/21].

Arab World: IDF begin first of 3-stage withdrawal from Lebanon as vehicles leave Sidon area; no troops scheduled to leave until 2/18 [JP 1/21].

Other Countries: US intelligence sources indicate Libyan leader Qadhafi has created pro-Libyan commando group, "Palestinian Arab Revolution Committees," in Beqaa Valley [NWK 1/21].

Military Action

Arab World: According to IDF sources, S. Lebanon resistance carried out over 900 attacks against IDF during 1984 [NYTM 1/20].