Sunday, February 24, 1985


Occupied Palestine/Israel: PM Peres willing to meet with joint Palestinian-Jordanian delegation [as suggested today by Pres. Mubarak] as long as it does not include PLO members [NYT 2/26].

Arab World: Pres. Mubarak urges the Reagan administration to invite Israel, joint Palestinian-Jordanian delegation to US for groundwork peace talks; states he would attend; offers to host such meeting in Cairo; intl. conference thereafter could be last stage [NYT 2/25]. Syria condemns 2/11 Arafat-Hussein accord [WP 2/25].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: 30 stores closed in Hebron in response to 2/22 attack on bus [JP 2/25].

Arab World: IDF continue large-scale actions in S. Lebanon: besiege Sir al-Gharbiya, Kabrika, Jubeiyeh, 'Arab Salim, Burj Rahhal, Toura, Ma'rakah, Deir Qanun, Bidias. Teenager killed by IDF in al-Bazouriya [NYT 2/25]. IDF kill one after indiscriminate fire in Nabatiya [WP 2/25]. RPGs fired at IDF patrols near al-Bazouriya, Jwaiyeh; no casualties [WP 2/25]. Roadside bomb wounds 2 IDF troops in Jib Jinnine [LAT 2/25]. 2 shells fired into southern Golan Hts.; no injuries [JP 2/25].