Sunday, November 11, 1984


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Law student Aziza Kharaja sentenced to 5 mos. for membership in illegal organization [her 2 sisters held in Neve Tertza on similar charges]. PM Peres announces invitation to Egypt's Pres. Mubarak for talks on bilateral relations. After 2-yr. silence, crewman of M. S. Moran reveals to Hadashot that ship's Capt. Gilad set Tanzanian stowaway adrift on high seas (3/82).

Arab World: Israel proposes cease-fire to Amal forces in S. Lebanon, but refuse release of detained Amal leaders (arrested 11/9) in exchange for resumed talks with Lebanon.

Other Countries: Greek PM Papandreou ends visit to Syria & Jordan and agrees to promote their interests among fellow EEC members.

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Israeli authorities demolish 33 homes of farmers in jiftlik (Ghor al-Fari'a). [Jiftlik produces 15% of West Bank GNP. Israelis demolished adjacent al-'Ajajreh, Sattariya & al-Mahrouq villages in 1967.] Haifa U. student Saour Saour attacked by Kach students while posting notice offering to help Palestinians enroll. Stone-throwing incidents reported in Jabal al-Muqabber (Jerusalem), Bethlehem & Ramallah; police respond with tear gas.

Arab World: IDF convoy ambushed near Sarafand; 1 Israeli seriously wounded, later dies.