Tuesday, November 20, 1984


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Hosting 8 Palestinian mayors, Ezer Weizman promises reforms & increased financial aid. 1984 West Bank olive harvest reported 50% below last year. Educ. Min. bans use of book Central Issues in Recent History of the State of the Nation by Amnon Haver for its reference to "Palestinian nation."

Other Countries: George Habash (PFLP) & Nayef Hawatmeh (DFLP) meet with Soviet officials in Moscow to discuss PLO reunification. US Senate Foreign Relations Com. publishes pessimistic report on Israeli economy, stating without current US aid (12% of GNP), balance of payment problem "unmanageable," and increased US aid will not "significantly ameliorate" these problems posing serious security threat to Israel. At Israel Bonds dinner in Los Angeles, American-Jewish oilman Armand Hammer announces project to search for oil in Israel. In New York libel trial, Sharon claims COS Eitan ordered Phalangists into Sabra & Shatila camps (9/82).

Military Action

Arab World: Pentagon orders US carrier Eisenhower totake position within range of Lebanon for possible "retaliatory strikes" there.