Monday, June 4, 1984


Occupied Palestine/Israel: "Civil admin." authorities order Hassan 'Abd al-Baqi of Anabta to destroy his cattle farm by 6/15/84 on pretext it is unlicensed. Trial begins of 2 American-Jewish Elon Moreh settlers for shooting death of Nablus girl Aisha Bahash, 11, and wounding of her sister, 9, for alleged stone-throwing (12/8/83). Nablus military court sentences local boy to 3 mos. for stone-throwing. New road built on Shufat, Anabta & Hizma village land opens. In Tel Aviv press conference, Bedouin Civil Rights Assoc. leaders report indiscriminate Green Patrol violence against them, including beating young women and shooting livestock.

Other Countries: Israeli construction company Solel Boneh, active in West Bank, discloses Nigeria owes it $120 million, [40% of Solel Boneh workers are reportedly Palestinian].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Israeli military demolishes homes of 'Abd al-Jalil family in al-Walajeh villages & Abu Rumaishan near Halhoul on pretext they are unlicensed.

Other Countries: US reportedly complains of Israel's alleged transfer of military equipment to Iran.