Wednesday, August 1, 1984


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Abu Dis village mukhtar 'Issa Jaffal dismissed by occupation authorities for refusing to urge villagers to drop suit against confiscation of 2500 dunums of their land. Beitunia College students strike, hold peaceful march protesting Village League members vandalizing, firing and hurling stones at student dormitories over past week. Israel's foreign reserves fall $351 million in July to just over $2.6 billion. Ministerial Economic Committee decides to cut all gov't. contracts to 25% over next 3 mos. Pres. Herzog urges Shamir and Peres to meet to consider joint rule proposals. Herzog refuses to invite Meir Kahane for customary post-election consultations. Umm al-Fahm Village Council conference at Tel Aviv Press Club disrupted by Kach members.

Arab World: In Le Monde inteview, Syrian Pres. Assad rules out linkage between IDF withdrawal and removal of Syrian troops from Lebanon.

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Jerusalem municipal employees assault Palestinian women selling vegetables at Damascus Gate, then destroy produce. Arab World: Israeli helicopters, F-16s & gunboats shell and drop experimental phosphorous & helium bombs on Nahr al-Bared camp, N. Lebanon where 16,000 Palestine refugees live; [casualty figures unavailable]. IDF kill 2 suspected of planting roadside bomb near Sidon. Grenade tossed at SLA patrols in Tyre; no injuries reported; IDF close Tyre port.