Wednesday, June 16, 1982

Military Action:

Israel fortifies position around Beirut, capturing Lebanese University science campus; uncovers arms caches in Tyre and elsewhere; IDF fails to capture USSR-supplied T-72 tanks but claims huge numbers of fighters taken; IDF claims Phalangist forces took university (denied by Gemayel); Phalangist artillery used to pound Burj al-Barajneh Pales-tinian camp. Port access to Beirut cut for 8 days, roads for 5, air access cut. Arafat tours PLO military positions in Beirut; PLO opens 12 new medical facilities in last 10 days, with 2,000 beds, to deal with casualties.


80 bodies uncovered under Sidon building hit by Israeli shelling; 400 Sidon residents reported killed; Lebanese sources estimate over 25,000 casualties and 250,000 displaced persons (1 of 16 living in Lebanon); Israeli government claims only 70,000 home-less in Lebanon as result of fighting; IDF administrator in Sidon says IDF plans to bury bodies in pits where they lay; ICRC negotiates with IDF to fly 2 planes from Cyprus to Beirut; most Beirut businesses closed. 30-vehicle relief convoy leaves Israel for southern Lebanon for 2-week stay; Israeli banks set up mobile units inside Lebanon for Israeli soldiers (will also service local Lebanese); Israeli Trade Minister Patt says Lebanese merchants wishing to buy Israeli goods may place orders through military commanders (to be filled in 24 hours); Israel claims 6,000 guerrillas captured, 60 Syrians.

Political Responses:

Israel/Occupied Territories: Begin, in New York, tells Israeli Cabinet to disregard US pressures in setting war policy; Shimon Peres claims military actions lacked necessary Cabinet approval, calls for meeting of foreign affairs committee; Israeli Cabinet reportedly orders Sharon not to enter Beirut; Israeli government claims possession of documents showing PLO hosting of groups "such as" the Japanese Red Army, Italian Red Brigade, and German Baader-Meinhoff Gang; public criticism surfaces on conduct of war and casualty levels.

Palestinians/Lebanese: PLO's Hani Hassan urges direct US-PLO talks; former Lebanese Premier Salam meets Habib to convey PLO views on fighting; Phalangists deny cooperating with Israelis during fighting; some Lebanese Christians reported cooling toward Israeli presence.

Arab Governments: Saudis urge US pressure to force Israelis to withdraw, suggest arms embargo to Vice-President Bush, Senator Percy, Defense Secretary Weinberger (in Saudi Arabia for funeral of late Saudi King).

US and Other Countries: Reagan delays sending Congress formal notice of long-planned sale of 75 F-16s to Israel; Israeli reassurance that IDF would not enter Beirut reportedly ensures Begin meeting with Reagan; US rejects PLO request for direct talks; UK Prime Minister Thatcher says PLO office can stay in UK; USSR reportedly replenishing Syrian supplies.