Tuesday, June 22, 1982

Military Action:

Israeli jets pound PLO, Syrians in big offensive, though truce reported later; Israeli tanks, planes begin large-scale offensive along Damascus highway (involves 200 tanks, heavy artillery, rocket launchers); Palestinian camps, residential areas bombarded in first Israeli jet action over Beirut in 9 days; Lebanese government says IDF about to cut high-way in several places as IDF gains 4-5 miles; Syrian tank losses heavy, but Syrian troops restrain responses in effort to contain fighting; "wall-to-wall" Israeli tanks reported south of Beirut; two Israeli troop buses come under fire south of Tyre; Israeli artillery continues through night; IDF closing in on Aley; 50 Syrian tanks move across Syrian border to reinforce units in Lebanon; PLO units return Israeli gunfire from Burj al-Barajneh; general military mobilization in Syria.


Lebanese police estimate 27 killed, 80 wounded in new IDF bombing of Beirut; Israeli demolition teams dynamite buildings in Rashidiyeh refugee camp as all males are rounded up in Tyre; remaining residents of Rashidiyeh without food or medical care as Tyre residents refuse to help them; no walls higher than a few feet left in Rashidiyeh; Israeli officials announce Palestinian refugees are being denied tents because they fear a "temporary" solution will become permanent; 200,000 Palestinian refugees are in southern Lebanon, mainly around Sidon and Tyre.

Mobile bank units offer IDF all services, including facilitating purchase/ sale of securities on Tel Aviv stock market.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Israel agrees to new cease-fire after Habib request; divisions within Labor Party between doves, hawks sharpen; 150 demonstrate against invasion in front of Knesset and Peace Now sends telegram asking no extension of the war; Labor Alignment opposes all military penetration of Beirut; Begin defends invasion before 36 angry US Senators who question use of cluster bombs; Israel denies ABC use of satellite in Israel because it broadcast interview with Arafat; Begin meets Haig.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: National Salvation Council meets, makes some progress on plani including IDF withdrawal from Beirut, PLO withdrawal into camps, Lebanese Army posted inside city; highway reopening; possible use of French troops being discussed; PLO denounces USSR for only symbolic support; Jumblatt accuses Habib of "hot di-plomacy"; Phalangists state opposition to any Syrian presence in Lebanon and, for first time, allow unarmed non-Lebanese civilians to evacuate Beirut; Lebanese government tells UN and Arab League it will not renew mandate for Syrian troops after July 19.

US and Other Countries: US embassy advises all Americans to move to E. Beirut (ship due in Jounieh to evacuate Americans); UK, West Germany also advise nationals to leave; PM Thatcher rules out use of British troops in Lebanon; Greek Premier meets with PLO's Kaddoumi; Dutch parliament condemns Israeli invasion, 144-6; Norwegian leaders re-ject Israeli invitation to visit Lebanon.

UN: UNIFIL says it will concentrate on helping civilians.