Thursday, July 1, 1982

Military Action:

Israeli jets overfly Beirut, making mock bombing raids with flares and smoke bombs; Israeli arming of Phalangists and Haddad forces undermining role of Lebanese Army and government officials.


Former MK and "dove" Arie Eliav confirms UNRWA estimate of damage to Lebanese refugee camps, calls for refugee aid scheme; trash piles mount in W. Beirut (main shopping area desolate, filled with debris); Sharon instructs IDF to ensure safety of Druze from Phalange attacks in Israeli-controlled areas.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Begin says Haddad should be a member of the Lebanese government; Interior Minister Burg says, in radio interview, Lebanese invasion might create better conditions for autonomy talks by discrediting PLO; Sharon reported to support future overthrow of Jordan's Hussein to make way for Palestinian state in Jordan; Cabinet plans Sunday meeting to assess progress in negotiations; (postpones meeting at request of US envoy); Peace Now sends letters to all government ministers except Sharon urging no entry into Beirut; West Bank unions issue statement supporting PLO, condemning invasion.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Habib reportedly wants leftist allies of PLO in Beirut disarmed, but not Phalange forces in E. Beirut (rejected by Wazzan, Jumblatt, Berri); Muslims now reportedly support PLO demands; Gemayel flies to Saudi Arabia, meets Arab League representatives; negotiations slow down; Phalangist adviser Pakradouni rejects any future PLO political role in Lebanon, says only one-third of current number of Palestinian refugees should remain; senior PLO official sent to Cairo for talks.

Arab Govemments: Egyptian minister Ghali says US gave Israel a "green light" for inva-sion; over 100 faculty at American University in Cairo condemn invasion in petition to US Ambassador in Cairo; Canadian and Norwegian only missions left in West Beirut (Canadians celebrate Canada Day).

US and Other Countries: Morris Draper, in Jerusalem, confers with Begin, Sharon, Shamir, asks and gets postponement of Cabinet meeting; USSR calls for Arab countries to use oil weapon against US/Israel; Arab students occupy offices of Arab League in Dallas, Texas; as Butros of Egypt meets with French officials, Foreign Minister Cheysson stresses political indispensability of PLO; Amnesty International appeals to Israeli government to account for all prisoners, citing reports they are being held incommunicado.