Monday, July 12, 1982

Military Action:

Beirut quiet as cease-fire holds; IDF exchanges light-arms fire with Syrians in the eastern sector near Yanta.


Over 10,000 Lebanese and Palestinians have sought refuge in Syria since the Israeli invasion began; according to Syrian relief committee all Damascus hospitals full; food and vegetables reaching W. Beirut despite blockade, as drivers pay guards at check-points $160 to let vehicles through; 3 IDF soldiers wounded near Yanta.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Israel asserts PLO is using stalled negotiations to fortify its political and military positions; Jerusalem police interrogate 57 West Bank students on suspicion of planning to incite merchants' strike; army spokesman says IDF underestimated PLO firepower; Labor MK Sarid charges Likud leaders and senior army officers of exaggerating PLO weaponry, says only 90 PLO tanks captured, not 500; only 120 artillery pieces captured; Sharon says Habib is running out of time in attempts to reach a negotiated settlement; group of 90 soldiers hold press conference in Jerusalem, refuse further service in Lebanon; Kimche meets Habib in Beirut; Sharon denies asking Uri Avnery to arrange a meeting between him and Arafat.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: PLO hardens negotiating position in wake of Sunday bombard-ment, says it will only discuss evacuation once international force is in place; no progress on negotiations reported.

Arab Governments: Algeria refuses to take guerrillas; strong opposition by Morocco, fearing link-up with Polisario; Saudi Arabia opposed to PLO going to S. Yemen.

US and Other Countries: Reagan Administration officials to meet with foreign ministers Khaddam of Syria and Prince Saud of Saudi Arabia; Reagan reportedly threatens Israel with direct US-PLO talks unless Israel is more forthcoming in Habib negotiations.