Tuesday, July 13, 1982

Military Action:

Beirut truce holds as talks continue, but little progress seen; 130 IDF tanks and two brigades reinforce positions overlooking city from Khalde to the port section; car bomb goes off on Hamra street outside Palestine Research Center, killing 2 and injuring 30; cease-fire broken briefly by small amount of shelling from PLO units north of the airport; IDF estimated to have 8 divisions and 120,000 troops in Lebanon; IDF and PLO dig in to prepare for next round of fighting; IDF continues to seek PLO members in Ain el-Hilweh.


UN workers repair 5-6 water mains, install 9 pumps; about 300 people killed or wounded by car bombs in W. Beirut since June 6; 6 IDF soldiers wounded when vehicle hit by anti-tank rocket near Beirut.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Israel pessimistic about chances of Habib's success; protests against the war grow as 105 reserve soldiers and 17 officers send letter to Begin asking to be excused from further service in Lebanon; Sharon warns against attempts to form "unions of former fighters" as dangerous to democracy; Israel reportedly gives more time to Beirut talks; IDF soldiers use tear gas to disperse Nablus youth protesting invasion; 3 pro-PLO political figures detained in Hebron for organizing support for Palestinians in Lebanon; attorney general Gabbai initiates police investigation of Avnery meeting with Arafat; Peace Now has decided to suspend all public activities until W. Beirut situation clears up; Israel eases its time-pressure for an early diplomatic settlement.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Habib confers with Sarkis, Wazzan, Butros; top aide to Bashir Gemayel gives up hope for peaceful settlement, says all-out IDF drive on Beirut would undermine forging a united Lebanon; Bashir Gemayel makes overtures to Muslim leaders in Beirut to form a unified Christian-Muslim government, including Jumblatt, Berri, Salam; Salam meets with Habib, tries to arrange meeting of Habib with Hani al-Hassan of the PLO; PLO holding out for US recognition as price for evacuation, asks direct talks with Habib; PLO also proposes interim PLO withdrawal to Tripoli and Bekaa while final destinations decided; PLO spokesman Sartawi says PLO has recognized Israel in series of 1977 amendments to its charter.

Arab Governments: Thousands of Syrians, Lebanese, Palestinians demonstrate outside US embassy in Damascus protesting US support for Israel; Iranian troops cross border into Iraq.

US and Other Countries: George Shultz undergoes vigorous questioning before a Senate Committee on his Bechtel connections as part of his confirmation hearings; Congressional sources assert IDF violated provisions of secret US restrictions on use of cluster bombs.

UN: UN Secretary General, during trip to Netherlands, urges all parties to abide by the Security Council resolutions.