Thursday, July 29, 1982

Military Action:

Beirut truce holds as Habib works intensively to break deadlock (only a few PLO mortar rounds fired near airport, in response to IDF attempted advances); IDF reports "terrorists" infiltrated lines near Hamia in eastern Lebanon.


Lebanese Red Cross appeals to UNICEF to get water, electricity restored; PLO blocks UNRWA from taking food warehoused in Beirut for distribution in IDF-occupied southern Lebanon; heavy damage from IDF raids, including increasing numbers of phosphorus victims.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Ben-Elissar says IDF responses to PLO/Syrian cease-fire violations won't necessarily be "proportionate"; Labor Party condemns continued bombing, shelling of Beirut; Health Minister Shostak charges ICRC with inflating casualty figures; Israeli Ambassador Soffer, in Geneva, attacks World Council of Churches resolution condemning Israeli invasion as "libelous"; Israel will seek to boost tourism by encouraging tours of Israel by Lebanese and Lebanese-Americans; Colonel Eli Geva, 14- year veteran who resigned his command, is dismissed from the IDF.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Arafat outlines withdrawal plan to Wazzan; Arafat, Salam meet; Habib reportedly tells Sarkis he has secured agreements to meet PLO conditions.

Arab Governments: Arab League endorses PLO withdrawal once PLO is guaranteed safe passage out of Beirut and once future security of Palestinians remaining in Lebanon is assured.

US and Other Countries: US Administration says major hurdles remain, stepped-up IDF actions counterproductive to negotiations; Canada protests harassment of its Beirut Ambassador by IDF; ultra-orthodox rabbis in Britain protest several Israeli government actions, including invasion.

UN: Security Council debate opens on Egyptian/ French draft resolution (which links Beirut crisis to overall settlement of Palestinian problem); SC passes, 14-0, Spanish resolution demanding that IDF lift the blockade of Beirut (is first time in history that US does not participate in Security Council vote; Kirkpatrick claims insufficient time to consult with Washington, says resolution lacks balance).