Monday, August 9, 1982

Military Action:

IDF launches massive air, sea, land attacks on West Beirut (IDF jets attack PLO artillery positions behind Syrian lines 19 miles east of Beirut; IDF tanks, artillery pound PLO units near Museum, claim slight advance; IDF gunboats continue to pound seashore area as jets attack Palestinian areas); IDF strengthens forces around West Beirut; Haddad troops may be used in assault, according to an Israeli radio report; logistical details of PLO withdrawal from Beirut completed at Lebanese Defense Ministry; IDF planes, troops harass US military team planning evacuation of PLO forces (State Department strongly protests).


People continue to flee West Beirut; water services restored, electricity still cut off.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Israel continues to object to early arrival of French troops; Peres says Labor Party will oppose any plans to maintain IDF forces indefinitely in Lebanon after PLO withdrawal; government is handed a detailed, written plan for the withdrawal of PLO fighters; Israel says air attack was in retaliation for cease-fire violations in and around Beirut.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Habib briefs Sarkis and Wazzan on latest proposal for PLO evacuation (now await Israeli reply); Habib calls Salam asking him to urge restraint by PLO.

Arab Governments: Demonstrators in Damascus attack US embassy to protest US support for Israel; Egypt refuses to accept any PLO guerrillas unless linked to wider agreement committing US to progress on overall Palestinian solution.

US and Other Countries: US now supports PLO position on need to deploy peacekeeping force at outset of evacuation; State Department renews call to Israel and PLO to ttexercise the utmost restraint and scrupulously observe the cease-fire."