Tuesday, August 10, 1982

Military Action:

IDF launches new attacks on West Beirut after accepting withdrawal plan "in principle" (jets bomb Burj al-Barajneh, Sabra, Shatila and near airport, attack Syrian missile positions in Bekaa; IDF artillery, gunboats continue to pound Palestinian areas); column of IDF tanks moving north of Jounieh toward Jubail.

Casualties: Inmates of Beirut asylum reported starving to death (27 removed by ICRC to safer institution); 46 killed, 89 wounded in IDF raids yesterday; today's raids result in 12 killed, 37 wounded; six truckloads of Red Cross medical supplies and food permitted to enter Beirut; some bakeries (for first time in 2 weeks) selling bread.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Israel accepts "in principle" Habib's plan for PLO withdrawal to end IDF siege of city; Habib flies to Israel to clarify proposal, urge Israel to halt attacks on Beirut; Cabinet meets, announces counter-proposals over details (insists on names/ destinations of evacuees, opposes UN observers, wants IDF pilot returned); Chief of Staff Eitan stresses if PLO fails to leave Beirut IDF will remove them.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Phalange militia ("Lebanese Forces") vows not to enter West Beirut (reportedly pressed by Sarkis, Habib); Habib, before departing, briefs Sarkis, Wazzan, Butros; Lebanon asks delay in Arab League talks.

Arab Governments: Syria, Tunisia affirm willingness to provide refuge for PLO guerrillas being evacuated; Iraq reportedly says it is willing to take in all the guerrillas; Egypt reaffirms conditional offer; both Yemens agree to take guerrillas.

US and Other Countries: Reagan meets briefly with Peres, voices optimism on negotiations; Defense Department says preparations underway to send 1,000 Marines into Beirut after PLO begins departing.