Sunday, August 29, 1982

Military Action:

Lebanese left militias clash with Lebanese Army (IDF head Eitan demands Murabitun be evacuated from West Beirut); Syrian forces scheduled to leave West Beirut today; 1,230 evacuated by road to Damascus as 500 PLO members arrive at Tartus by boat (an estimated 8,500 PLO members have been evacuated); PLO evacuees warmly welcomed in South Yemen.


People freely leaving West Beirut; IDF soldier dies of wounds from bus hit by land mine.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Temritories: Cabinet approves IS Sb. in budget cuts for use by Defense Ministry in paying for Lebanese invasion; Nahum Goldmann dies at 87; Begin takes vacation in Nahariya; government spokes-persons, following Cabinet meeting, say any attempt to alter Camp David will provoke Israel to apply Israeli law to West Bank, Gaza; students from Gaza and Jerusalem who seek to study at West Bank universities now required to obtain permission from West Bank military administration; UNRWA decides to reduce its supply to Gaza refugees starting September 1 because of financial crisis and diversion of supplies to Lebanon (protests follow in Gaza, West Bank); former Israeli Chief of Staff Mordechai Gur says Beirut battle is "black spot" in Israeli history and that the invasion is "unjust"; Bethlehem Mayor Freij says PLO remains sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people, blames US for Israeli military intervention in Lebanon in NBC interview; Dr. Mordechai Avitzur (coordinator of international relief organizations working in southern Lebanon out of Israel) killed in car crash; draft treaty with Lebanon already circulating within Defense, Foreign ministries.

Palestinians/Lebanese: Abu lyad claims PLO knew of planned Israeli invasion since February, that several Arab countries also knew in advance; PLO denies Arafat has left Beirut (Arafat decides to evacuate to Greece initially); Lebanese Shiite leaders pass resolution opposing peace treaty with Israel.

Arab Govemnments: Arab foreign ministers continue to meet; Omani Sultan congratulates Gemayel on election; King Hussein stresses Jordan is not Palestine.

US and Other Countries: Greece prepares warm welcome for German hospital ship "Flora" carrying PLO wounded; anti-Israeli demonstration takes place in Washington, DC.