Saturday, August 28, 1982

Military Action:

Over 700 PLO guerrillas arrive by ship in Tartus including four top PLO leaders (George Habash, Nayef Hawatmeh, Ahmed Jibril, Talaat Yaqub), are greeted by Syrian Deputy Prime Minister Hamdoun; thousands of Tunisians led by Bourguiba greet 1,100 PLO fighters arriving in Tunisia aboard ferry (total evacuated in one week now estimated at 7,400); IDF reports PLO bazooka fire from West Beirut on IDF positions southeast of city, around airport; Lebanese Army reluctant to deploy along Beirut-Damascus road (Habib warns Sarkis that failure to move quickly may provide Israelis with pretext for moving into West Beirut); US forces refrain from deploying beyond port area; 147 PLO wounded arrive in Greece.


2 French soldiers slightly injured in mine-clearing operation.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Knesset extends emergency regulations allowing arrest of combattants/ civilians captured during the Lebanese invasion for another 6 months (would have expired in September); Shamir calls on other countries to drop recognition of PLO; Sharon attends Israel Bond dinner in US, warns Lebanon against new Syrian, PLO ties.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Arafat receives delegation of Egyptian opposition parties; holds press conference at Saeb Salam's house; PLO spokesman Kaddoumi announces Arafat will attend Arab League summit in Morocco; Wazzan reaches agreement with Muslim leaders about deployment of troops in West Beirut.

Arab Governments: Arab foreign ministers meet in Morocco (only Libya, Mauretania absent).

US and Other Countries: US Administration hints it is about to launch new political initiative; Socialist International plans diplomatic initiative following return of study mission to Beirut; 600 US Jewish leaders pledge to raise $550 m. to help pay for war.