Monday, August 30, 1982

Military Action:

Arafat leaves Beirut by boat after tumultuous departure, farewells to Lebanese Muslim leaders (accompanied to ship by Wazzan, Salam); Syrian troops leave West Beirut, take up new positions in Bekaa; Fathi Arafat welcomes 147 wounded in Greece.


Shootings on rise as evacuation nears end; IDF soldier wounded in mine ambush; traffic heavy in and out of West Beirut; IDF considers delaying release of al-Ansar detainees because of guerrilla attacks in Sidon, Tyre; Egged bus line of Israel plans to open line to Tyre, Sidon, Zaharani river.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Sharon says occupied territories belong to Israel; Nablus women's associations visit Palestinian and Lebanese wounded in Haifa hospitals; Israeli journalist Uri Avneri interrogated by Israeli police concerning his interview with Arafat (Avneri claims interrogation aimed at silencing opposition to Begin/Sharon policies); IDF soldier Eli Gozansky sentenced to third prison term for refusing to serve in Lebanon (he had previously refused to serve in the occupied territories); 38 percent of Israelis support negotiations with PLO in public poll; pro-Begin group protests war reporting.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Arafat, before departure, holds press conference at home of Jumblatt (says 5000 killed, 48,000 wounded during invasion; 9,000 arrested, including 106 fighters, among which were wounded soldiers taken from Sidon, Tyre hospitals); 5 Maronites from Kaslik University meet Shamir in Jerusalem, ask US to support Phalange efforts to expel PLO, Syrians; Major Haddad watches evacuation as guest of IDF; PLO officials in Europe release files on Abu Nidal.

Arab Governments: Saudi King Fahd expresses willingness to drop his proposal for Israeli-Arab peace; King Hussein of Jordan visits Saudi Arabia, Iraq as part of Gulf tour; Arab foreign ministers agree on date for Fez summit.

US and Other Countries: State Department denies US proposed to Sharon a "demilitarized Palestinian state" in West Bank/Gaza Strip; Reagan Administration again reflects Israeli assertion that Jordan is a Palestinian state; Weinberger prepares for visit to Lebanon, Israel; poll in UK says majority of Britons support Palestinian rights; Israeli embassy attacked in Tokyo.