Tuesday, August 31, 1982

Military Action:

Syrian MIG-25 shot down over Beirut; last Syrian forces leave West Beirut as 415 PLO guerrillas leave for North Yemen, 325 to Tartus (estimate that 7,728 PLO guerrillas, 2,651 PLA fighters and 3,598 Syrians have been evacuated); Murabitun still refuses to relinguish positions near Barbir Hospital to French or Lebanese; firing between PLO/ Syrian and IDF positions near Rashaya (Syrians position 1000 tanks in Bekaa in past few days, IDF strengthening positions).


IDF releases 70 al-Ansar detainees to ICRC.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: West Bank Village Leagues sponsored by Israeli government set up new federation; leaders of refugee camps near Nablus hold sit-in strike to protest UNRWA decision to cut back supplies; Israeli authorities circulate list of banned books among West Bank educational departments; Sharon returns from US visit.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Gemayel ally Etienne Sakr meets with Shamir; Habash vows to continue armed attacks inside Israel; Habib, Wazzan discuss Israeli refusal to surrender control of Beirut airport.

Arab Governments: Assad promises PLO weapons, full freedom.

US and Other Countries: Weinberger, on eve of visit to Lebanon, says US plans to offer economic and military aid to rebuild Lebanon (Pentagon survey teams to be sent to Lebanon to assess training, equipment needs of Lebanese Army, US State Department official suggests Israel might train Lebanese Army); Romanian President Ceausescu calls for Palestinian state at mass rally.