Friday, September 3, 1982

Military Action:

Booby-trapped car explodes in Deir el-Qamar area of Chouf; despite IDF denials, Israeli forces advance into positions previously held by PLO in Bir Hassan area near Shatila refugee camp, sparking sporadic exchanges; Wazzan protests advance, seen as undermining Lebanese efforts to demilitarize streets of West Beirut; Muslim leaders fear IDF mine-clearing activities are pretext for armored IDF thrust further into West Beirut; Kurdish, Shiite militias battle each other in Kantari district with rockets and machine guns over personal feud.

Casualties: French UNIFIL officer killed, 3 Lebanese wounded in Bir Hassan; 3 IDF soldiers, 10 others injured in Chouf; Israeli sources estimate IDF might have had 2,000 casualties if it had entered West Beirut.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Four Palestinian youths injured by IDF soldiers who fired on demonstrators; Nablus Mayor Bassem Shakaa, other West Bank mayors view Reagan proposals as moderately positive; Labor Party supports Reagan proposals as basis for serious dialogue; Sharon calls proposals a "big mistake"; Defense Ministry leaks news of Begin-Gemayel meeting (greatly embarrasses Gemayel).

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Arafat arrives in Tunisia to warm welcome, is formally invited to attend Fez summit; Wazzan protests IDF advance to US Ambassador Dillon as violation of US-negotiated accord.

Arab Governments: Secret visit by State Department representative Nicholas Veliotes to Jordan days before Reagan speech reported; Jordan says consultations with PLO, commitment to Rabat summit resolutions essential; Jordan, Egypt, Kuwait cautiously positive toward proposals; Syria withholds reaction.

US and Other Countries: Mitterrand, in Greece, reiterates French support for Palestinian state; after meeting with Begin and tour of East Jerusalem in company of Israeli mayor, Weinberger reaffirms US determination to press ahead with proposals despite outright Israeli rejection, and flies to Cairo for talks.