Wednesday, September 15, 1982

Military Action:

IDF chief Eitan and northern commander Drori meet with Phalange commanders in Beirut at 3:30 AM; IDF invades major parts of West Beirut in 6-pronged thrust starting at 5:30 AM, hours after Gemayel death officially announced; IDF request that Lebanese Army enter Palestinian refugee camps to "purge" them of PLO guerrillas refused twice as Lebanese Army deployments disintegrate; LNM militias knock out 2 IDF tanks; 14 Israeli gunboats take up positions and shell Ramlet el-Baida; by evening, IDF force of tanks, APCs and infantry has penetrated 2.5 miles into West Beirut, surrounded camps and set up control points; Phalange symbols found painted on signs and buildings near camps.


West Beirut residents panic amidst shellings; Phalange estimates 26 dead, 60 wounded in bomb blast that killed Gemayel; 2 IDF killed, 42 wounded by LNM attack in West Beirut.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Begin, Sharon and Shamir meet in early morning, approve entry into West Beirut "to prevent bloodshed"; Israeli government states IDF advance taken to prevent anarchy after Gemayel's death; IDF command describes entry as a "police action"; Israeli radio claims Israelis assure Reagan of end to military moves in 24 hours; Peres calls for re-entry of multinational force into Beirut; Peace Now calls for IDF withdrawal from Lebanon; Draper holds talks with Begin; Israel expresses "shock" at Pope receiving Arafat, condemns meeting.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: West Beirut Muslim leaders meet in emergency session at Salam's home, appeal urgently to Reagan and Fahd to "curb the Israeli invasion of our capital"; Lebanese of diverse factions pay respects to Gemayel family.

Arab Governments: Egypt rejects Reagan plan for "self-governing" Palestinian entity federated with Jordan, insists on IDF pullback from Beirut as precondition for continuing autonomy talks.

US and Other Countries: Arafat meets Pope at Vatican following lunch with Italian President Pertini and an address to international Inter-Parliamentary Union (membership from 98 countries).