Sunday, October 3, 1982

Military Action:

IDF bus attacked by rocket-propelled grenade, sprayed bus with gunfire in Aley area; dispute between US and Israel over presence of 2 IDF tanks south of the airport (IDF supposed to stay in Khalde, US calls it violation of latest agreement); French troops extend patrols into Ashrafiya as Lebanese Army sets up new checkpoints; fighting between pro- and anti-Syrian factions in Tripoli.


6 IDF soldiers wounded in Aley ambush; 5 killed, 15 wounded in Tripoli factional fighting; UNRWA begins clearing debris from South Lebanon camps to prepare for winter; (UNRWA plans tents for 60,000 homeless, Israel estimates only 30,000); Western diplomatic sources in Beirut accuse IDF of looting during occupation.

Political Responses:

Israel/Occupied Territories: Peres calls for opening negotiations based on Reagan plan; Shamir tells UN Secretary General of Israeli opposition to continued UNIFIL deployment; Deputy Foreign Minister Yehuda BenMeir says al-Ansar prisoners will be part of withdrawal agreement; Begin asks 4,000 fundamentalist Christians meeting in Jerusalem to help Israel retain control of the occupied territories; senior Israeli official confirms Israel makes its own cluster bombs.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Deputy to Phalange leader Elias Hobeika, on TV, says Phalange will always kill Palestinians; PLO declines comment on PLO withdrawal from Lebanon; Lebanese internal security police head Gen. Ahmed el-Hajj suggested as possible Prime Minister; Gemayel reintroduces capital punishment for convicted murderers, kidnappers; Arafat appoints Col. Mohammed Affani (Abu Mutasem) as chief-of-staff to replace Abu Walid.

Arab Governments: Habib meets Assad for 3 hours, leaves for US via Rome; Mubarak asserts Israel is "beating drums of war."

US and Other Countries: US officials indicate Marines could stay in Lebanon 4-6 months.