Sunday, October 10, 1982

Military Action:

IDF patrol ambushed in Aley with exchange of grenades and gunfire, PLO claims credit; Druze-Phalange fighting continues for fifth day in Central Lebanon, rockets, mortars and artillery used; Druze leaders confer with Gemayel urging end to clashes; Palestinian refugee camps tense after reports of kidnappings of residents by armed men last night (Lebanese Army sources say Phalange intelligence supplying Army with names of Palestinian and LNM militia and helping in arms searches).


3 Druze women-killed in crossfire; water and electricity restored, streets cleaned in Beirut (official estimate of $12 billion for rehabilitation; AID to supply $110 m., EEC $100 m.); US AID head says tents for Palestinian refugees coming soon; 2 IDF wounded, one in Central Lebanon, one east of Beirut.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Bethlehem Mayor Freij declares support for Reagan plan and for important Jordanian role in peace plan, Mayor Shakaa rejects plan as not recognizing Palestinian rights; pro-Jordanian forces' activities on West Bank include grants to crafts and unions, Friday sermons in mosques, increased travel to Jordan by West Bank personalities; Israeli Civil Administration delays imposing military control over West Bank universities; Cabinet, in 4-hour meeting, demands Lebanon sign security accord (as well as prior pullout by PLO, release of IDF soldiers captured by Syria and PLO precondition for pullback).

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Amal leaders say Wazzan promises to set up committee to seek solutions to squatter problems.