Friday, October 22, 1982

Military Action:

Lebanese Army moves into Chouf replacing Israelis; IDF, reluctant to leave, keeps two tanks, squad of soldiers in Kfar Matta; Norwegian UNIFIL units set up post in Haddad militia's area of operation, prompting exchange of gunfire; IDF attacked by bazooka and light weapons east of Doha and at IDF roadblock near Sil, south of Beirut; Syrian radio reports IDF reinforcing armor units in Bekaa, a few miles south of Beirut-Damascus highway.


One IDF soldier wounded by bazooka fire east of Doha; 300 West Beirut residents spontaneously protest rumor of Lebanese Army withdrawal from their neighborhood.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Israeli Foreign Minister Shamir returns from 3-week visit to US; Israeli Ambassador Moshe Arens says US approved Israeli weapons, spare parts sales to Iran in attempt to make contacts in Iranian military that could be used to bring down Khomeini government; Israel reportedly agrees to provide arms and counter-insurgency training to Costa Rica; former Mossad head Meir Amit says net results of invasion are negative ("We've encouraged anti-Semitism,... highlighted the Palestinian problem instead of solving it" and by hitting PLO too hard, increased Arab solidarity); IDF mental health unit report indicates high mental illness rate among Israelis fighting in Lebanon (23 percent of total Israeli wounded are suffering psychiatric injuries, double "normal" wartime rate; 78 percent of 600 affected men are reservists).

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Gemayel returns home, calling trip a success (government announces US has agreed to equip 7,500 of 28,000-man Lebanese Army, France has pledged $86 million in military equipment); Salam, in interview, accuses Sharon of arming Phalange and Druze to promote sectarian tension in Lebanon.

Arab Governments: Arab League delegation headed by Moroccan King Hassan (with Foreign Ministers of Morocco, Syria, Algeria, Jordan, Tunisia and Saudi Arabia) meets with Reagan for 3 hours and later with State Department, stresses only PLO agreement will enable Jordan to play negotiating role for West Bank; US officials refuse to meet with PLO representative Khalid al-Hassan who is accompanying Arab League delegation.

US and Other Countries: Reagan urges Arab League delegation to begin direct negotiation with Israel to achieve Palestinian rights; Shultz tells delegation simultaneous Israeli-PLO recognition" moot as Israel totally rejects idea; Hassan's use of word "coexistence" seen by US officials as implying Arab recognition of Israel; Jewish medical team, back in Britain after visiting 4 refugee camps. in Lebanon, says Palestinians want to be more self-reliant but Israelis are preventing them from rebuilding homes, reorganizing health services.

UN: Britain blocks move to bar Israel from UN-sponsored International Telecommunications Union at Nairobi meeting; Arab states at UN agree to postpone efforts to expel Israel from General Assembly.