Thursday, October 28, 1982

Military Action:

Attack on IDF in Sidon, second in 3 days, 20 people detained by IDF for questioning later released.


One IDF soldier wounded in Sidon; IDF announces release of 339 more Palestinians detained at Ansar (3,000 released so far, 6,000 still held).

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Demonstrations continue for third day near Bethlehem and Nablus; Israeli military intelligence chief, on Israeli TV, claims Egypt is allowing smugglers and PLO terrorists to infiltrate Israel; Begin, speaking to Herut Central Committee, says US agrees that IDF and Syrian forces will withdraw simultaneously from Lebanon; IDF Air Force General Ivri visits Chile; homes of 12 Palestinian families demolished by settlers near Hebron's old Jewish quarter, Peace Now threatens action against settlers if demolitions not stopped.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Lebanon asks World Bank for $500 million over 2-3 years to finance reconstruction, part of Lebanese efforts to raise $12 billion in aid from public sector sources; Gemayel and Wazzan meet with Draper concerning withdrawal.

Arab Governments: Egypt formally asks Israel to resume negotiations over Taba coastal strip, asks other countries not to book hotel rooms in Israeli luxury hotel there.

UN: UNCTAD, meeting in Geneva, passes resolution barring Israel from taking part in UN-funded projects to aid economic cooperation among developing countries (63-22 vote takes place over US protests).