Saturday, October 30, 1982

Military Action:

Phalange clash with fighters of Walid Jumblatt's Progressive Socialist Party (PSP) along Kfar Matta-Abey road and in Kaifoun; last replacements for US Marines arrive on rotation duty.


One Lebanese Army soldier killed, 3 wounded along Kfar Matta-Abey road.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Shimon Peres rejects PLO feelers for talks between PLO and Israeli opposition groups; 4 Cabinet members-David Levy, Yoram Avidor, Mordechai Zippori and Zevulun Hammer-formed secret committee to monitor Sharon during invasion.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Wazzan says he has begun talks with PLO's Lebanon representative Shafik al-Hout on getting PLO to withdraw forces from country, will soon contact Syrians, also says Lebanon will negotiate only full, not partial, withdrawals.

Arab Governments: Syria reaffirms its refusal to withdraw until Israel does.

US and Other Countries: US envoy Draper reports progress in preliminary negotiations, meets with Gemayel, stresses negotiating teams would not constitute joint Lebanese-Israeli committee; Shultz affirms, in message to Egypt, US readiness to seek resolution of Taba controversy.

UN: UNRWA head denies report on misuse of UN refugee school by PLO released only after US pressure, says Israeli delay in providing information was cause for late publication.