Monday, November 1, 1982

Military Action:

Reports that 5000 of Bashir Gemayel's militiamen, sent to Israel for training right after Israeli invasion, were to come under direct IDF control; Reagan approves Lebanese request for US Marines to join French and Italian troops in mobile patrols through East Beirut; car bomb explodes near US Marines camp outside Beirut, one Marine and two civilians injured.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: One British and one US doctor and US nurse from Gaza Hospital, in testimony before Commission of Inquiry, say they heard gunfire but were unaware of massacre until after it was over, saw hundreds of Palestinian refugees lined up along Sabra Street under guard when they were forced to leave hospital, Phalange had many walkie-talkies, contrary to Sharon's testimony; overheard IDF officers refer to presence of Haddad men in area, saw tractors in Shatila with Hebrew markings; 360-room luxury hotel at Taba near Eilat opens despite Egyptian protests; Shamir tells Knesset committee that Egypt has broken many Camp David agreements; Israel reportedly asks Roumania's help in securing release of IDF POWs held in Syria; Shamir says Arens supports continued settlement on West Bank.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Arafat ends visit to Bucharest, issues joint statement with Ceausescu calling for renewed diplomatic peace efforts; Gemayel visits Morocco, talks with King Hassan focus on speeding up withdrawal of foreign forces and Moroccan offer to send 22,000 troops for peacekeeping; Gemayel meets with PLO leader Salah Khalaf in Morocco; Wazzan warns that Lebanese who collaborate with Israel may lose their citizenship, accuse Israel of paralyzing Lebanese Government functions.

Arab Governments: Mubarak restates Egyptian objections to Taba hotel opening, says Egypt will proceed with talks.

UN: US Ambassador Kirkpatrick says UN critics of Israel aim at "annihilation of Israel."