Tuesday, November 2, 1982

Military Action:

Bazooka rocket fired at IDF positions near Yanta in Bekaa; new clashes between Phalange and Jumblatt forces in Chouf; IDF imposes curfew; Phalangists, Muslims, Lebanese Army charge IDF with fomenting trouble to perpetuate its presence in area; State Department and US Marine contingent spokesman announce US infantrymen in four-man jeep patrols to enter East Beirut tomorrow at request of Gemayel, Lebanese Forces indicate they will acquiesce.


One IDF soldier wounded in crossfire and 10 Lebanese killed, 18 wounded in Chouf region; first tents erected for refugees at Ain el-Hilweh camp near Sidon; Lebanese farmers, merchants and members of Parliament complain of Israeli economic warfare charge Israel is "dumping" over $1 million/month of cheap fruits, vegetables, textiles and canned goods on Lebanese market, avoiding customs and possibly isolating Lebanon from traditional Arab markets.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Shamir meets Draper, rejects participation in peacekeeping forces by Morocco and other countries that do not have relations with Israel, but would welcome Egyptian soldiers; West Bank Palestinians protest 65th anniversary of Balfour Declaration with rock throwing, tire burning, waving Palestinian flag; Israeli troops fire tear gas in Nablus, erect barricades in Rafah; two refugee camps under curfew suffer water and food shortages; Israeli envoy, speaking at Houston B'nai Brith meeting, claims 7,000 PLO guerrillas who were evacuated from Beirut have returned to Lebanon; public opinion poll indicates Likud gains, Labor loses popularity.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: President Gemayel returns from Morocco; Prime Minister Wazzan asks Parliament for emergency powers for 8 months to revise tax laws, increase treasury resources, reform civil service, citizenship and parliamentary election laws and links requested vote of confidence to approval of emergency powers; Wazzan again criticizes Israel for continued occupation of South Lebanon.

Arab Governments: Mubarak says he is willing to meet Begin anywhere to discuss disputes between their two countries, indicates Egypt has offered to buy disputed Taba hotel.

US and Other Countries: US announces military training teams, including 60 officers, will serve in Lebanon on temporary basis, and a small "security assistance office," staffed out of US European Command, will oversee upgrading of Lebanese forces; Pentagon officials estimate $135 million is available to Lebanon in cash and credits, and aid package includes 24 APCs and 12 155-mm artillery guns; State Department says no Moroccan troops would be added to peace-keeping force at least until after agreement on withdrawal of foreign forces.