Thursday, November 18, 1982

Military Action:

Phalange-Druze clashes erupt after fire-bomb thrown at local notable near Aley; 169 artillery shells fired into Aitat by Phalange.


UNRWA official in Sidon says IDF prodded refugees to reject tents, helping create a market for expensive prefab houses being sold by Israeli firms, many Palestinian refugees reportedly expect Israel to provide free housing.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Shamir meets with Draper but fails to break deadlock on Israel-Lebanon talks; Communications Minister Zipori, testifying before Commission of Inquiry, says he learned of civilian "slaughter" in refugee camps Friday morning, September 17, informed Foreign Minister Shamir after failing to reach IDF military intelligence heads, testifies Shamir said he had already heard of deaths, asserts June 15 Cabinet decision did not constitute permission to allow Phalange to enter camps; Labor Party leader Peres charges Likud with "smear campaign" on basis of US editorial; Tehiya MK Ne'eman threatens to leave government if West Bank settlements are not continued on a massive scale; Defense Ministry dissociates itself from guidelines recently issued by West Bank Civil Administrator Colonel Yigal Karmon; West Bank military authorities preparing to require Christian clergy to sign anti-PLO pledges, causing concern among Jerusalem religious authorities and provoking protest abroad.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Wazzan accuses Israel of instigating conflicts in Chouf, calls for IDF withdrawal from area; procedural issues holding up beginning of Israel-Lebanon talks, as Lebanese resist attempt to involve civilians in talks or to discuss normalizing relations with Israel.

Arab Governments: King Hussein meets Turkish military ruler in Ankara during two-day visit; Egypt indicates Israel will resume talks on disputed Taba area.

US and Other Countries: Secretary of State Shultz denounces Israel's crackdown on West Bank universities as a threat to academic freedom reminiscent of the McCarthy era and as undermining peace process, and calls on Israeli professors to protest measure, but denies aid contributions to Israel are linked to halting West Bank settlements.