Sunday, December 5, 1982

Military Action:

IDF curfew checks Chouf fighting, IDF tank opens fire on house after being fired on, IDF officers meet with Phalange and Druze leaders in attempt to preserve cease-fire.


One IDF soldier wounded by mortar shell at Kafr Barich; 500 women gather at West Beirut mosque to protest disappearances; Grand Mufti has compiled list of 3,000 persons detained or missing since Bashir Gemayel assassination; Army increasing sweeps to arrest activists.

Political Responses:

lsrael/ Occupied Territories: Israeli Cabinet issues statement expressing "astonishment" at Reagan Administration opposition to increasing aid; Commission of Inquiry denies Saad Haddad's request to examine evidence, question witnesses, says it lacks evidence of any Haddad involvement, despite Sharon report of IDF unit firing on Haddad men involved in killings and British physician's overhearing discussion of Haddad involvement by IDF officers; Ministry of Science announces Edward Teller-who helped develop the atomic and hydrogen bombs-is in Israel to advise the Government on building a nuclear reactor for peaceful uses, utilization of nuclear energy; Sharon leaves for trip to Honduras to "cement relations with a friendly country which has shown interest in connection with our defense establishment" will meet with Defense Minister Hernandez and President Cordoba; IDF civilian employees stage first strike ever in growing labor confrontation with government.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: PLO leaders end 2-day conference in South Yemen with attack on US Mideast policies; Arafat flies to Saudi Arabia; Jumblatt, in Der Spiegel interview, attacks Gemayel for failing to disarm Phalange; Lebanese Army denies that 5 Palestinian activists have died from torture and mistreatment (Lebanese authorities, despite promises in early October, have not allowed international observers to visit prisoners, continue to round up members of Palestinian groups even though membership in them is legal).

Arab Governments: Arab League delegation, headed by King Hussein, arrives in China.

US and Other Countries: Senior Reagan officials, extremely concerned at stalled withdrawal negotiations, indicate US Marines will stay in Lebanon well into next year; Union of American Hebrew Congregations' national board decides to table vote until 1983 on resolution rejecting Begin's settlement plans and calling for territorial compromises.