Sunday, December 19, 1982

Military Action:

RPGs, mortars and light weapons used in clashes around Aley; IDF convoy is ambushed in hills overlooking Beirut airport, IDF sets two shops ablaze while responding to attack; IDF holds Lebanese Druze suspected of shooting IDF officer in Aley last week.


1 killed, 4 wounded in Aley area.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Israeli Cabinet meets to discuss Sharon initiative and Habib proposals, drops condition that some of talks be held in Jerusalem; Habib meets with Begin to receive report on Israeli-Lebanese agreement; curfews maintained in Nablus and refugee camps of Balata and Deheisha; Peace Now demands that shooting incident be debated in Knesset.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Lebanese Government, reacting to Israeli Cabinet decision, says it is ready to negotiate on withdrawal of IDF forces from Lebanon; Foreign Minister Salem says agreement is Israeli agenda for talks, but "we have ours," says US must be partner in talks; Lebanese officials avoid discussing alleged Sharon document.

US and Other Countries: Washington Post article reveals two unpublished letters signed by Habib last August guaranteeing safety of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.