Wednesday, January 19, 1983

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Shamir denies press reports that Israel will let US troops man surveillance stations in South Lebanon, saying Israeli crews will cooperate with the Lebanese Army, keeping a temporary presence until a peace treaty is signed, or for a defined number of years; Shamir continues discussions with Habib, with members of IDF participating; Sharon visits Zaire's Shaba province to inspect 12,000-man Kamanyola brigade; High Court issues order nisi to Attorney General Yitzhak Zamir to show why he does not prosecute Matti Peled for treason for holding press conference with PLO in July; Zamir replies he will not prosecute for there are no grounds to show that Peled intended to aid the PLO; military tribunal in courtmartial of Major David Mopaz presented documents showing that West Bank Commander Col. Yaacov Hartabi and Chief of Staff Eitan ordered harassment and harsh treatment of Palestinians, including punitive action against parents, heads of villages, collective punishment; Histadrut delegation ends visit to Scotland and England, finds British trade unionists hostile to Israel's West Bank policy; Civil Administration sets up roadblocks around Birzeit University to check for foreign passports, orders 30 foreign teachers at Birzeit, 4 at Islamic University in Hebron to stop teaching or sign work permit with anti-PLO pledge.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Foreign Minister Elie Salem says future relations with Israel should be governed by 1949 Armistice Agreement, that Lebanon is not willing to sign peace treaty and have normal relations with Israel, that Syria and the PLO have given assurances that they will withdraw; Lebanese Forces (Phalange) expanding its presence in South Lebanon, now has standing militia of 6,000 with 15,000 reservists and $189 million annual budget from taxes through illegal ports, reported to have bought $15 million worth of captured Palestinian arms from Israel, including 50 tanks, APCs, howitzers, 130mm and 155mm artillery.

US and Other Countries: Weinberger and Italian Defense Minister Lelio Lagorio meet in Washington, agree to maintain peacekeeping force in Beirut as long as necessary and in accordance with the desire of the Lebanese Government; Arthur Goldberg says he personally will assure provision of necessary $100,000 for 2 years to continue American Jewish Commission of the Holocaust, disbanded on Jan. 3; Zaire President Mobutu announces Israeli military advisers will undertake a 5 year plan to restructure Zaire's armed forces; USSR paper lzvestia responds to State Department comment on SA-5s, saying US has sham concern for peace, only wants Israeli military superiority.