Thursday, February 10, 1983

Military Action:

Pre-dawn gunbattle erupts between rival militias in Tripoli.


Estimated cost of infrastructural re-building in Lebanon placed at $10 billion; dozens of Palestinian families from South Lebanon reported to have asked for political asylum in Israel to escape Phalangist persecution.

Political Responses:

Israel / Occupied Territories: Cabinet votes 16 to 1 (Sharon) to accept Commission of Inquiry recommendations; Peace Now member killed, 10 others injured by hand grenade at anti-government demonstration; police protection given to 3 Commission members after threats; Ambassador Arens in Washington says he doubts Israeli policy on troop withdrawal or settlement of Palestinian issue will change as a result of Sharon's departure from Cabinet; Justice Minister Nissim says Sharon could take another ministerial position; deputy editor of Israeli Communist party newspaper al-Ittihad tells meeting in Haifa that Israeli Arabs are eager to take part in all matters of Israeli society but that lack of equality is turning them into a time bomb liable to explode in a few years.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Executive Committee of PLO meets in Algiers prior to opening of PNC; Lebanese and Israeli negotiating teams meet in Kiryat Shemona for 14th round of talks, said to be constructive; Foreign Minister Salem says US has new proposals on withdrawal of foreign forces, and that Israel has dropped its demand for Israeli-manned watchposts.

US and Other Countries: Wall Street journal reports that Ali Hassan Salameh, head of Fateh's security and intellgience unit assassinated in Beirut in January 1979, had acted with Arafat's consent as information channel between PLO and CIA; State Department refuses to meet village League Chairman Dudeen.