Tuesday, February 22, 1983

Military Action:

Syria permits US helicopters to enter Syrian-held territory to aid in rescue of blizzard victims, with deaths now numbering 47.

Political Response:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Begin tells visiting American Jews no Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon without adequate security arrangements, no halt to settlements, no deviation from Camp David, no independent Palestinian state; Foreign Minister Shamir says Reagan offer to guarantee security of northern border cannot replace a direct agreement between Israel and Lebanon, calls PNC meeting a deception and a fraud, repeats Israel's willingness to conduct negotiations with King Hussein only in framework of Camp David agreement, not in order to return Jerusalem to the PLO; one man remanded in custody by Jerusalem court in connectin with threats to life of Peace Now demonstrator; 500 Jews assemble near Dahariya village on West Bank to mourn death of woman hit by stones thrown at car, Rabbi Levinger of Kiryat Arba says there comes a moment for vengeance and the moment is now; Defense Minister Arens says Israel might resort to pre-emptive strike against Soviet SA-5 missiles based in Syria if build up continues and Israelis conclude they are faced with a mortal threat.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: PNC re-elects Arafat as Chairman of PLO Executive Committee, approves Political Committee recommendations, modifying one on Reagan plan to state that PNC refuses to consider it as sound basis for a just and lasting soution to the Palestine problem, authorizes Executive Committee to pursue contacts with Jewish progressive and democratic forces; Abu Iyad tells press conference that PLO would step aside and let West Bank mayors negotiate with US or Israel if Reagan recognized Palestinian right to self-determination and creation of a state; 17th session of Lebanese-Israeli-US talks takes place at Netanya.

Arab Governments: Syria says it will withdraw all its 30,000 troops from Lebanon after all 30,000 Israeli troops have left.

US and Other Countries: Reagan says King Hussein should be supported in efforts to set up a joint Jordanian-Palestinian delegation to negotiate future of West Bank, Gaza, and Jerusalem, and that US is prepared to take all necessary measures to guarantee the security of Israel's northern borders in the aftermath of the complete withdrawal of the Israeli army; Weinberger tells House Foreign Affairs Committee agreement near on transfer of Israeli military and intelligence data from Lebanon war to US, says delay in shipment of 75 F-16s to Israel due to examination of whether Israel had used US supplied weapons strictly in self-defense, says Israel does not need to develop the Lavi jet except to promote exports.