Saturday, March 5, 1983


Druze leaders ask government to restore electric power to Chouf region, blacked out for past 3 weeks; 6 IDF prisoners held by Fateh in Lebanon appear in Dutch TV program broadcast in Israel, PLO says their mothers are welcome to visit them.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Stones thrown at car of Israel-appointed mayor of Jenin, who opens fire with his pistol; stone-throwing in Nablus, el-Bireh, Jalazon and al-Amari camps; shots fired from car passing Jalazon; curfews imposed on central Nablus and Ramallah; Hebron prison inmates start hunger strike; students hold protest strikes at Najah University, Hebron's Islamic University; bomb defused in Hebron school; 300 members of Israeli Committee for Solidarity with Birzeit distribute pamphlets and hold protest march in Hebron, call for disarming of West Bank settlers and dismantling of settlements.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Lebanese Christian and Muslim leaders publicly demand disbanding of Amal militia and expulsion of Iranian Revolutionary Guards after yesterday's attack on Lebanese Army unit near Baalbek.

Arab Governments: President Mubarak, at rally of National Democratic Party, accuses PLO of inciting Egyptian people and army against government, warns the 40,000 Palestinians living in Egypt they can be deported, says he refused PLO request to operate radio station; Jordan bans all imports from Lebanon unless accompanied by proof they were made in Lebanon.

US and Other Countries: After 5 1/2 week trial, British court sentences three men, alleged members of Abu Nidal group, to 30-35 years for attempted assassination of Israeli Ambassador Shlomo Argov in June 1982.