Monday, March 7, 1983

Military Action:

Lebanese Army takes over Beirut Pier 5 from Phalange, estimated to have generated $250-$500m. a year in import duties since 1980; registration for compulsory military service begins, Lebanese Army expects 25,000 men to register.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Defense Minister Arens orders evacuation of Kach's El Nakam settlement near Hebron; police arrest 2 Kiryat Arba residents (in addition to 3 Americans) in connection with shootings in Hebron area; Arens tells Council of Jewish Settlements he favors expanding settlements in West Bank within the law, emphasizes that industrial enterprises there should be staffed only by Jews; settlers present Arens with list of demands for their security; Committee Against the War in Lebanon asks High Court to intervene over police refusal to grant march permit; government defeats 4 motions in Knesset critical of Sharon's appointment to 2 cabinet committees; Newsweek says secret annex to Kahan Commission Report contains evidence that IDF, alerted by Mossad, had prevented Phalange attack on Mieh Mieh camp prior to Sabra and Shatila massacre; Nazareth Mayor Tewfik Zayyad calls on government to include Arab villages in the Project Renewal scheme; bus passenger injured by stone near Dahariya camp; Jewish settlers demonstrate on road opposite Dheisheh camp; settlers enter Kalandia refugee camp, threaten to evict residents unless stone-throwing stops; curfews imposed on Nablus market, Jalazon camp, and on Aida camp in Bethlehem after fire bomb attack on border police patrol; Village League office in Hebron stoned by students at Hussein school; bomb found in Hebron elementary school.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Arafat addresses Non-Aligned summit in New Delhi, calls for committee to work for Palestinian rights; Issam Sartawi, in London Times interview, says PLO should give priority to winning recognition from Western governments, especially US, should amend National Charter to conform to PNC resolutions, and should accept Reagan plan as basis for negotiation.

Arab Governments: Iraqi Embassy in London denies Guardian report that organizer of the attack on Israeli Ambassador Argov was an Iraqi intelligence officer; President Mubarak and King Hussein hold talks during Non-Aligned summit in New Delhi.