Sunday, March 27, 1983


PLO says it has moved 8 Israeli POWs from Lebanon to undisclosed location because it had information a military operation was being planned to free them.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Senior IDF officers receive Peace for Galilee campaign ribbon, Yesh Gvul (There's a Limit) movement holds demonstration, calls ribbon mark of Cain; Sharon attacks Arens' Lebanon negotiating position in Cabinet meeting, says Israel is conceding too much for too little, other ministers call for unilateral withdrawal to Awali river; foreign and defense ministers tell Habib there can be no agreement unless Haddad forces play key security role; 300-480 children, mostly girls, in 5 Jenin schools taken ill with dizziness, headaches, fainting spells and stomach pains, Jenin Mayor SI wki suspects settlers of spreading poison gas, government accuses radical Palestinian factions, Civil Administration medical officer says victims definitely inhaled poison gas; Jenin under curfew after stone-throwing demonstrations; border police jeep assaulted near Sakhnin, 4 youths arrested.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Arafat postpones visit to Amman, has talks with King Fahd in Riyadh.

Arab Governments: Saudi Arabia says it will support any PLO-Jordanian agreement.

US and Other Countries: NY businessman creates special legal defense fund, supported by private American contributions, for settlers accused of violating Israeli law when retaliating against attacks by Palestinians.