Sunday, April 3, 1983

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Hundreds of former residents of Birim, Maronite village on Israel's northern border evacuated in 1948, call on government to allow them to return now that security prevails, government reportedly will not agree to setting precedent since estimated 50,000 Arabs in Israel might also demand return to their original homes; another outbreak of mass sickness on West Bank causes hospitalization of 164 girls from Tulkarm and Anabta, 240 in Yatta; results of International Red Cross investigation of illnesses, released by Israeli Health Ministry, indicate no evidence of poison or toxic material, conclude that epidemic is mass phenomenon devoid of danger; curfew imposed in Yatta, 6 other areas; 2 IDF soldiers, border policeman, and 2 Nablus residents wounded by hand-grenade in Nablus; Israeli bank ransacked during protest demonstrations in Tulkarm; Israeli targets stoned in other West Bank towns; 18 year-old boy shot in arm and stomach by settler driving past al-Arub refugee camp, police question settler and impound his rifle; 2 Israelis injured by stones in Qalqilya; 2 Arab youths injured when Israeli driver swerves his car into group throwing stones; 65 year-old Jerusalem woman hospitalized after being beaten and stabbed, members of Jewish religious school seeking to take over her property are suspected; IDF investigating 2 settler-related shooting incidents in Hebron and Nablus areas; Muslim religious leaders call students to hold protest gathering at Dome of Rock against last year's Easter attack by Israeli soldier; police use teargas to disperse demonstration near Damascus Gate, 8 arrested; police prevent group of 50 Jewish religious nationalists, including Meir Kahane, from entering Temple Mount, group then holds prayers outside gates; teenage nephew of Kahane arrested after firing Uzi at Palestinian demonstrators.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Arafat and Hussein hold third round of talks, Arafat tells news conference he is still committed to Fez summit resolutions, Farouk Kaddoumi says Reagan plan is not a vehicle for negotiation, Abujihad says PLO is not giving a mandate to anyone.

Arab Governments: Mubarak, in Peking, urges PLO and King Hussein to enter talks on Reagan plan soon, before next US election campaign.

US and Other Countries: US diplomats in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem reportedly sceptical of official Israeli explanation of mass illnesses, point to fact that Israelis on West Bank displayed same symptoms.