Friday, April 8, 1983


1 killed, others wounded when car bomb explodes near Iranian Revolutionary Guards building in Baalbek.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Several hundred IDF reserve soldiers reportedly return Lebanon campaign ribbon; Peace Now says it will demonstrate against proposed dedication of Upper Nablus settlement on Israel's independence day; 16 persons in Arraba and Gaza detained for helping arrange a faked epidemic; statement by Jordanian Physicians Union on West Bank describes mass illnesses as collective poisoning resulting from inhaling unknown gases, says authorities participated in preparing these criminal incidents or approved the results.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: In Kuwait, Fateh Central Committee reiterates support for Fez resolution as only acceptable basis for peace talks, opposes Hussein's representation of Palestinians; Arafat travels to South Yemen, sends Abu Jihad and Hani al-Hassan to Amman with message to Hussein.

Arab Governments: Saudi foreign minister visits Syria.

US and Other Countries: Reagan Administration promises to do its best to halt Israeli settlements if King Hussein publicly announces his willingness to enter negotiations based on UN Resolution 242; Shultz reportedly opposes using aid to pressure Israel, prefers persuasion; Kissinger says his meeting last year with PLO official was inconsequential, State Dept. says it did not complicate or delay diplomatic process with King Hussein.