Sunday, May 8, 1983

Military Action:

IDF moves into Chouf to disengage Phalange and Druze militias after cease-fire broken, heavy shelling resumed as Shultz's plane leaves Beirut; bomb explodes as IDF vehicle passes near Damour; IDF reported to have built 4 new bases along road between Tyre and Israeli border.


6-12 killed, 22-29 wounded in renewed shelling of East Beirut, 36 killed, 125 wounded in last 4 days; 7 IDF soldiers wounded near Damour; IDF casualty figures for April were 7 soldiers killed, 18 wounded in 28 attacks.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Chief of Staff Levy tours IDF positions in South Lebanon, says Israel must prepare for possibility of direct fighting on all fronts if Syria does not accept the withdrawal agreement; Defense Minister Arens says it would be wise to give Syria time to make a decision; Bank of Israel reports the foreign debt increased by almost 15% in 1982, from $18.2b to $20.9b, with repayments due in 1983 of $1.2b interest and $4.5b principal; 18 additional injunctions provided to police to bar construction company working on Elkana D settlement near Bidya, first time police have undertaken to enforce local court order against settlement developers; deans and academic officers at al-Najah University resign after Islamic students' bloc and outside supporters hold rally on campus in defiance of university regulations.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: PLO Executive Committee meets in Damascus to discuss Israeli-Lebanese agreement.

Arab Governments: Syrian President Assad meets King Fahd in Jeddah; Jordanian authorities turn back large numbers of Palestinian men between ages of 16 and 26 seeking to cross from West Bank to Jordan with Israeli permits requiring them to remain outside for 9 months, Jordanians do not allow stays of more than 30 days.

US and Other Countries: Shultz travels from Jeddah to Jerusalem and then to Beirut, meets Israeli and Lebanese officials, departs for Paris.