Tuesday, May 24, 1983

Military Action:

2 SA-7 missiles fired at IDF helicopter in eastern Lebanon, no damage reported; artillery exchanges continue in Chouf.


6 killed in Chouf fighting.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: IDF drawing up contingency plans for unilateral troop pullback to Awali river; 30% of doctors return to work; Begin government survives 3 no-confidence motions in Knesset, all critical of economic policies; Arab employee of Russian Orthodox convent arrested in connection with murder of 2 nuns.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: AbuJihad says PLO forces have carried out 350 operations behind IDF lines in past 3 months, says Col. Qaddafi has provided $6m to dissident Fateh officer Col. Abu Musa; Arafat returns to Damascus after 2-day tour of PLO positions in northern Lebanon; Gemayel meets representatives of four nations contributing to MNF.

Arab Governments: Special envoy from King Fahd meets President Assad in Damascus.

US and Other Countries: Reagan Administration now supports Congressional move to increase military and economic grants to Israel by $400m.