Tuesday, August 30, 1983

Military Action:

Fierce fighting continues between Muslim militias and Lebanese Army throughout West Beirut; Mourabitoun occupies Union National Building, engage nearby Army garrison in rifle and RPG battle; Lebanese Army barracks at Fahr al-Deen, and positions at Murr Tower and Holiday Inn attacked; Druze militia occupies Holiday Inn; French Embassy compound hit by rockets, French convoy ambushed; British convoy attacked at Galerie Semaan crossing; Italian positions hit; 3 US Marine positions come under fire, respond with rifles, machine guns; hooded gunmen occupy points along Green Line; long-range artillery fire hits West Beirut; US aircraft carrier Eisenhower, other warships move to within 5 miles of shore.


4 French military personnel killed, 4 wounded in Beirut attacks; most Beirut shops closed, electrical blackouts frequent, lines form to buy bread, drinking water; 4 Ansar prisoners wounded when IDF opens fire after guards hit by stones.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Begin tells Likud coalition his decision to retire as PM and Herut party leader is final; process of selecting new Herut leader begins; McFarlane, in Jerusalem, obtains commitment to postpone IDF withdrawal from Chouf for few more days.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Lebanese government officials and Muslim leaders meet.

US and Other Countries: Reagan tells Congress Marines will remain in Lebanon, resists pressure to invoke provisions of War Powers Resolution requiring withdrawal of troops in 60-90 days without Congressional approval; White House says US troops are not conducting combat operations; West German Chancellor Kohl postpones visit to Israel.