Monday, September 5, 1983

Military Action:

Fierce tank and artillery battles continue between PSP and LF militias in Chouf, focus on control of Bhamdoun; LAF moves troops into Dar aI-Wahch, near Aley.


31 killed, including 3 LAF soldiers, 83 wounded; LAF reports 40 Druze killed in Kfar Matta, says LF responsible, PSP accuses LAF of participating in massacre; Phalange report murder of civilians and militiamen by PSP forces near Bhamdoun; 4 US Marines wounded by mortar fire.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Israel warns PSP not to occupy areas it has evacuated, says fall of Bhamdoun to PSP would be seen as a change in the status quo, extending Syrian territory.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Pro- and anti-Arafat Fateh forces resume fighting near Baalbek.

Arab Governments: Syria calls for Arab League boycott of Lebanon.

US and Other Countries: McFarlane returns to Beirut.