Thursday, September 8, 1983

Military Action:

Fighting continues at Souq al-Gharb, Aley, Beit Eddine and Deir al-Qamar; PSP forces capture Qabr Chamoun junction; shells fall in Khaldeh, Yarze, Baabda and other suburbs, and around airport, near US Marine positions; LAF engages Shi'ite militiamen in Beirut district of Chiah; US Navy warship fires first rounds of 5-inch shells at PSP artillery position near Chemlan, southeast of Beirut, Marines also return fire; US jet overflies village of Deir al-Qamar; IDF patrol crosses Awali River, removes roadblock at village of Amayle.


LAF reports 2 killed, 6 wounded; PSP accuses Phalange militiamen of killing 40 Druze civilians in Abey, near Qabr Chamoun; bomb destroys Islamic lUnification Movement sports club in Tripoli, 5 killed, 25 wounded.

Political Responses:

Palestinians/ Lebanese: McFarlane meets Gemayel, Wazzan in Beirut, Jumblatt in Damascus; Jumblatt says PSP forces will not fire on targets endangering MNF units.

Arab Governments: Saudi Arabia renews its diplomatic efforts toward a ceasefire, sends Prince Bandar Ibn Sultan to Damascus.

US and Other Countries: Rep. Clarence Long (D-MD) says he will seek legislative cut-off of funds for US MNF contingent unless Reagan seeks formal Congressional authorization under 1973 War Powers Act.