Wednesday, September 7, 1983

Military Action:

Heavy artillery fire hits West Beirut; fighting intensifies around Souq al-Gharb; US and French jets carry out reconnaissance and warning flights over Beirut and PSP positions in Chouf; US Marines fire artillery rounds; US, French, Italian warships move close to Beirut shoreline.


2-3 French soldiers in MNF killed, 5 wounded by artillery fire, total French MNF casualties are 16 killed, 44 wounded; 11 civilians killed, 38 injured in West Beirut; car bomb near Mourabitoun HQ on Corniche Mazraa kills 6, injures 27; 5 Red Cross relief and ambulance convoys turned back from Chouf since Sunday, Red Cross officials report 40,000 refugees from Chouf fighting.

Political Responses:

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Lebanese officials ask MNF countries to increase number of troops and deploy them in mountains, say Syrian-backed PLO forces are aiding PSP militia.

Arab Governments: Assad meets McFarlane in Damascus. US and Other Countries: France warns it will destroy any artillery positions firing on French MNF contingent.

UN: Conference on Palestine ends, declares right of Palestinian people to self-determination and an independent state in Palestine.