Friday, September 9, 1983

Military Action:

Artillery and machine gun battles continue between rival militias in Chouf, PSP captures Beiteddine, retakes Qabr Chamoun junction; shells fall on West Beirut; French MNF position hit, 2 French Super Etendard fighters reconnoiter mountain artillery positions; rockets, mortars fall near US Marines; US accelerates shipments of ammunition, other supplies to LAF; Britain moves 6 RAF Buccaneer long-range strike aircraft to Cyprus; IDF armored column enters village of Jalalya, 5 km north of Awali River.


1 French soldier wounded; Berberi Medical Center in Beirut damaged by shelling; 25-40,000 Christian refugees under siege by PSP forces in Deir al-Qamar reportedly running short of food, water.

Political Responses:

Palestinians/ Lebanese: McFarlane holds talks with Christian, Muslim groups and with Gemayel, reportedly moving toward cease-fire and political dialogue involving Syria and Saudi Arabia; Lebanese government says it will begin censorship of newspapers on Saturday; Jumblatt gives assurances of safety to Christian refugees in Deir al-Qamar.