Monday, September 12, 1983

Military Action:

Battle for Souq al-Gharb continues, LAF positions under artillery attack throughout day; Marine position at airport hit by mortar rounds; new contingent of 2000 Marines arrives offshore Beirut, US forces now total 14,000 marines and sailors on shore or aboard 12 ships, with approximately 100 aircraft.


3 US Marines wounded by mortar fire; reports of refugees from Chouf region intensify, Beirut radio says 7846 families have fled, Israeli radio says many seek to cross from Lebanon into Israel; first IRC relief convoy reaches refugees in Deir al-Qamar.

Political Responses:

Palestinian/ Lebanese: Cease-fire talks continue, McFarlane meets Gemayel, then flies to Saudi Arabia; Lebanese officials describe current fighting as foreign invasion, not civil war.

US and Other Countries: Reagan authorizes aggressive self-defense measures for Marines, including pre-emptive air and naval strikes; administration official says US will not stand by and let places of vital interest, like Souq al-Gharb, be overrun; draft resolutions to bring US participation in MNF under War Powers Act introduced in Senate and House.