Friday, September 16, 1983

Military Action:

1500 men in 2 LAF battalions open broad offensive along ridge between Souq al-Gharb and Bais- sour, make some advances; Lebanese Air Force enters combat for first time since 1976, 5 Hunter Hawkers attack PSP and Palestinian positions; heavy shelling hits Beirut hillsides, neighborhoods in East and West Beirut; shells land in Marine compound at airport, and near British Embassy.


LAF losses are 2 killed, 11 wounded; 1 Lebanese plane downed, another damaged; 9 PSP T-54 tanks destroyed.

Political Responses:

Palestinians/Lebanese: Arafat retums to Lebanon for first time since June, is warmly received at Baddawi refugee camp near Tripoli.

US and Other Countries: Reagan administration says efforts by Congres- sional Democrats to invoke War Powers Act may endanger US forces.