Tuesday, November 15, 1983

Military Action:

Heaviest shelling since September 26 cease-fire engulfs Beirut, Chouf; LAF and PSP battle around Souq al-Gharb, LF and PSP exchange rocket, artillery fire between East Beirut and Chouf positions; cease-fire ends in Tripoli as PLO rebels launch heavy artillery and tank attack on Baddawi camp, move to within 200 yards of perimeter but are pushed back; shells, rockets fall in Tripoli.


3 killed, 7 wounded in East Beirut, 2 wounded in West Beirut; schools close, Parliament does not meet; 3 Fateh fighters killed, 26 wounded in Baddawi fighting, 100 civilians killed or wounded, up to 10,000 camp residents reported to have taken shelter in Tripoli; 4-8 civilians killed, 12 wounded in Tripoli.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Head of West Bank civil administration stoned by residents of Dura; demonstrations, curfews and arrests in numerous camps and villages on West Bank; consumer price index rises by 21.1% in October, biggest increase in state's history, inflation rate of 180% anticipated for 1983.