Monday, November 28, 1983

Military Action:

Artillery shells fall near Beirut airport and port; fighting continues between LAF and PSP in Khaldeh and Kharroub areas.


1 Marine wounded at airport; 5 civilians injured in port area; PSP says 60 Druze killed by shellings in past 10 days.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Settler from recently established Upper Nablus settlement attacked and beaten in Nablus market, dozens of suspects rounded up; settler spokesman demands closure of Nablus market, accuses Shamir and Arens of not keeping promises to take tougher measures; 2 guards at al-Najah University attacked and beaten by unidentified persons; Arab-owned bus set afire in Nablus.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Karami, in Damascus, says Tripoli cease-fire requires disengagement of forces, fighters to return to their bases, both inside Lebanon and abroad; Gemayel, in Rome, meets Italian officials and Pope John Paul.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Talks on implementation of Tripoli cease-fire and withdrawal agreement begin in Damascus.

US and Other Countries: White House announces that US will resume delivery of cluster bombs to Israel, suspended since July 1982, and that military aid to Israel, reduced by 25%, will be entirely in grant form; Reagan, Shultz, Weinberger and senior US officials meet Shamir and Arens, begin 2 days of talks,agendas focus on Lebanon, Soviet military aid to Syria, and Israeli-US cooperation.